Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bryce Has A Bunch Of Prowler FWF Stuff For Sale

Hello Everyone,

As I mentioned in previous Prowler blog update, I created this blog update to help Bryce find a new home for his Prowler FWF components that he currently has For Sale.

Just over a year ago, Bryce bought the 1st production Prowler from Rick in Memphis.  Since then, he has done a  lot of research and decided on a new FWF solution for his aircraft.  He has decided on using a conventional aircraft engine for his Prowler.

Because of this, he had several of the original FWF components from his Prowler for sale.  Here's are a couple overall pics of the items for sale:

The items included in this sale includes:
    - One assembled Rodeck Block engine;
        (Shown, see more details below)
    - One short block engine (bare block);
        (Not shown, more details below)
    - One new motor mount set;
    - One used motor mount set;
        (Not shown)
    - One new radiator set;
    - One new PSRU;
    - One used (partial) PSRU;
    - One used, complete AGD;
        (Accessory Gear Drive)
    - One starter assembly;
    - One set of used exhaust pipes;
    - Plug wire sets, rocker arms.

Here are a few more pics with some close ups of some items:

Some additional information:

The assembled engine is the engine that was sent to replace the engine in the airplane after it had an off airport landing several years ago.  That engine was never actually prepared and mounted to the airplane.  It basically sat since George set it to replace the engine that suffered a broken crankshaft.  It has accompanied the airplane ever since, but has not been used.  It will require a crankshaft and some updates and modifications to get it ready to use in service on a Prowler aircraft.  George has this crankshaft available for sale:

The 2nd (used) engine block included has been rebuilt and is essentially in a short block condition.  This is the engine block which suffered the broken crankshaft.  It will require much more building.

The new PSRU is ready to go.  The used PSRU will require a new base and bearings and gears that adapt the crankshaft output to the PSRU input.  These items are available from Prowler Aviation.

Bryce is asking $8,000 USD for all of these items.

If you are interested in these items, please use this feedback link and I will put you in touch with Bryce.