Sunday, September 21, 2008


The topics of today's post: A visit to a builder; building a drill press bench; and progress on our center wing spar pieces.

Builder Visit - One day last week while sitting on-call Todd took a trip to visit a another Prowler builder. He went to see Ray who is building one of George's original kits and lives near Thousand Oaks, CA. Ray has been working on his airplane on-and-off for some time now, but the quality of the work is astounding. His precision and attention to every detail is producing the best Prowler we've seen so far. Here is a pic of his airplane fuselage in one of his garages:
The airplane is actually much closer to completion than it looks here. This is because most of the rest of the airplane parts and systems have been completed, fitted, removed from the plane for painting and then stored in one of his many shelves of boxes. He is hoping to finish the re-assembly of all the components to the airplane and have it out of the jig within the next year.

Ray has been already been a wealth of information about this airplane and provided us with much more insight about the aircraft. After talking with him, we found out that another builder has flown his Prowler. Chuck is also a builder of one of George's original kits and is in the San Francisco Bay area. We look forward to getting together with Ray again many more times. Great work Ray!

Center Wing Spar Progress - Now that Dave has a sub-kit to keep him busy in his shop, Todd has had some time to work a little more on the wing in his. If you look back in the posts, it been almost a year since we cut out the pieces for the center wing spar. Hard to believe that this much time has gone by, but now we're making more progress. After cutting with a metal band saw, the edges of all the spar pieces are left with a fairly jagged edge, so they needed to be trimmed up. Here's a pic from last year's post: Also, the pieces were scribed to the pattern and then cut just outside of the scribe lines. This leaves enough material to file down the edges to a smooth finish. Turns out this represents a lot of filing. So, on to a better way.

Sometime after cutting out the spar pieces last year, we mounted a router under one of our building tables and fitted it with a 3 blade, carbide tipped router bit with roller bearing on the end. This provides for a technique to clean up the edges of our spar pieces (raw stock) and make them match the patterns exactly.
Here's how it works:
1) Mount the router and put it in the straight cutting bit;

2) Cut two 1/4" spacer strips for each pattern. One spacer strip goes under the entire stack and provides room to have a counter-sunk bolt head. The other is to provide room between the roller bearing (that rides on the pattern) and the actual cutting part of the bit . This keeps the pattern a good distance from the cutting edges and prevents chewing up he pattern. See pic in item 4 below.
3) Drill selected holes into the raw stock using the pattern/drill guide:
4) bolt the "stack" together and adjust the router depth to get the correct height for the pattern to ride on the roller-bearing: 5) Make a ba-zillion tiny bits of aluminum foil and end up with the whole stack looking like this:
The next item to work on are the bearing blocks. They are rectangular blocks that surround the bearing and are clamped under the wing attach brackets.

Drill Press Bench - A small side project that needed to be done was to create a long bench with a drill press attached for drilling the numerous holes that must be drilled into each wing spar piece. A long bench is need to provide support for these floppy pieces of stock while being drilled. This was the solution we came up with:
By mounting the drill deck (table) under the bench top the drill can just penetrate into the bench top and (most importantly) the head of the drill press is now height adjustable above the bench top buy loosening the drill deck handle and adjusting it.
Make sure to square the head of the drill press to the bench top. We used a tri-square and make adjustments (shims if necessary) to get the press square to the bench top in both directions. It has worked great.
Another side project that is getting more and more necessary is a hardware/parts bin rack. We found an old bread rack dolly for $10 and have begun modifying it for parts bins.

Contacts - Todd and Bryan were supposed to go up to Seattle to meet with Steve who has the 4th flying Prowler this weekend. Unfortunately, scheduling issue came up and we weren't able to coordinate. We are going to try to resked the visit for sometime in Oct.

Thanks for checking in on us.

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