Saturday, August 29, 2009



Just a quick post to update the latest Prowler progress:

1. Catch up on the Vert Stab.
2. Horiz Stab Work
3. Computer Modeling Parts
4. Builder Update

1. Catch up on the Vert Stab. – In the previous post I mentioned that Dave has been working on assembling the Vert Stab Subkit. Here are a few pix of his handi-work.

2. Horiz Stab Work - Dave's been itching to get to more assembling and I wanted to do something besides work on the plasma setup, so I decided to get some creative work going for a change and started fabricating the parts for the horiz stab subkit. These 8 parts were about 9 hours of work:

Now they have to be heat treated, since they are formed from 2024-O (soft) material. Here are the horiz stab spar parts and cover plates cut out and waiting to be bent up in the sheetmetal brake. I used a buddy's sheet metal shear and it made cutting these out very easy.
Other horiz stab parts:

3. Computer Modeling Parts - Well, we have begun in earnest to model all the parts that make up a Prowler. This will be needed to setup the CNC plasma torch system to cut the flat parts. We purchased copies of BobCAD-CAM and are in the learning to use it process (steep curve right now). It's actually a very powerful program for the price and fairly intuitive - once you watch several of the video tutorials. Here are some examples: The vert stab aft spar;
Main Landing Gear Pivot Link:
Tailwheel Strut:
Close up of the 3D view of the strut - BobCAD-CAM ver 23 does well with the 3D:

Now, only 687 more parts to go (just guessing)!

4. Builder Update - Ray Siem reports that Chuck has his airplane and engine back together and the engine is running well. His problems apparently stemmed from a damaged, or lack of, the mechanical stop in one of the distributors. On one of them the cap had a hole in it where it looks like part of the centrifugal stop system exited the scene and it let the engine vacuum advance run way to advanced. He reports that the engine is running well with coolant temps in range and no noticable issues. He is going to continue to test run the engine while he is going also going thru some medical issues. No date for the next test flight, but we'll keep ya posted.

That's it for this post. It's late and crew services could call in 4 hrs. Thanks for checking in.

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