Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Prowler Completes 1st Flight!!!!

Congratulations to Bud Tedesco on completing his 1st flight! Bud reports that he and Prolwer N12BT took to the skies on 30Jul2010. Bud says the plane flies great and is very light and responsive on the controls.

Here is a video of Bud starting his Prowler before the first flight.

This is the video of his first flight. Right after the initial lift off you will see the airplane appear to sink back toward the runway. According to Bud that was intentional as he was going to set the airplane back onto the runway because of a "funny" engine sound. But the Prowler moves so fast that he realized that he was out of runway, so he again powered up and pulled back on the stick to continue the first flight. That sink apparently caused a few gasps back with the ground crew. He didn't really mean to scare anyone, and there wasn't anything really wrong with the plane.

Here are the YouTube links for these videos. You may find these have a little better quality:


Bud's gripe list from the first flight includes:
1. Oil pressure - seemed to be be fine before flight @ 65psi, but he noticed it was around 15psi during the flight.
2. A heavy left wing - will most probably be fixed with some simple rigging changes to ailerons and flaps.
3. Engine running rich - Bud is going to dig into the books and see if he can adjust the mixture linkage and mechanical fuel injection system to get a better setup.

He also reported that the flight controls are very responsive and you don't have to actually "move" the flight control to get the desired outcome - just a simple "pressure" will do.

Once again, Congratulations Bud!!! This is a monumental accomplishment. You should be very satisfied. Great Job.

I'm also WAY overdue for a Prowler Blog update. I'm going to try to get to that ASAP. Until then I'll be working the day job and dreaming about our first flight. Thanks for stopping by.

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