Friday, January 15, 2016

FOR SALE - Prowler Aircraft - Kit #13 (Major Assembly Completed)

Prowler Aircraft (Kit #13) For Sale - $22,000USD

Roy Farris has decided to put his Prowler Aircraft up for sale.  If you are interested in this Prowler airframe, please use the Prowler Feedback link to send me an email, and I will put you in touch with Roy.

This aircraft kit was purchased from the original Prowler Aviation by Ron C. in Jacksonville, FL in the early 1990's.  To the best of my knowledge, the kit was assembled by him (and a friend) in the mid 1990's.  Later, in 2009, the airframe was purchased by Rick P. and moved to Memphis, TN (when Rick purchased all of the Prowler related planes and parts that Ron owned).  Then, in 2011, Roy purchased the airframe from Rick and moved it to Franklin, IN.

Currently, there has been a majority of the airframe assembly completed.  Also, several of the systems have been pre-installed - including some electrical, hydraulic and cable control systems.  What you see in these pics from Roy are basically what is included with the sale.

Here are several recent pics of Kit #13 from Roy:

Here are several pics of Kit #13 from Rick during the move from JAX to MEM.  These are additional pictures to familiarize a prospective buyer.  However, some of what you see in these pics may not be included in the sale.  Please contact Roy for details:

Here are pics I have of this airframe from Ron C. in 1994 while the airframe is being assembled in his shop.  These photos should help a prospective buyer become familiar with the building of Kit #13 and to see what systems were installed during the build.  However, these photos may not (now) reflect what is included in the sale.  Please contact Roy for details:

Again, if you are interested in purchasing this airframe, please use the link on this Prowler Feedback page to send me an email.  Thank you.

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