Sunday, February 11, 2007

Progress Report

After the most recent 6 straight days of work, Dave and I have the Prowler Aviation - West shop about 95% complete. We should have the final inspection completed by mid March.

Here is an update to the "What's Next" list from a previous Dec '06 post:

Jan '07
1. Finish painting inside of shop and office.
This was just completed 2/7/07.
2. Complete inside work (flooring, lighting, etc.)
Also completed on 2/8/07.

3. Move into office (desks, computers, bookshelves, etc.)
The office carpet was installed 1/14/07 and funiture the next day.

4. Move into shop (workbenches, tools, shelving, sink, fridge, etc.)
Some of this has been accomplished, some is still on-going.

Feb '07
1. Begin to sort through all of the documentation from George(Manuals, plans, drawings, etc.).
Dave and I took one night recently to begin reviewing this information.
There is a large amount of info and much work to be done here.
2. Research and build a wing jig.
Just getting started.
3. Locate nearest supplier of sheet aluminum.
Still on the "to-do list."
4. Collaborate w/ Cabi to layout and cut wing spars.
(He's got a plasma cutter - way cool tool!)
Cabi has made some contacts and put together a plan to get a computer-controlled plasma cutting sytem together. This holds great potential and work continues here.

Mar '07
1. Repair and install hydraulic press in preparation for punching out wing ribs.
Press has been moved into position. Cylinder must be taken to a hydraulic shop for re-conditioning. Need to work out electric motor and shop power mis-match problems.
2. Layout and cut wing ribs.
No action yet.
3. As the weather warms up, finish painting the exterior of the shop.
Took advantage of some great weather to complete the majority of the exterior painting. Only a few eves and part of one wall remain to be painted.

More recent accomplishments include:
1. Dug trench to install internet and phone to shop.
2. Moved another trailer load of "stuff" from George's hangar to Prowler Aviation - West.
3. Made progress on finishing the upper staircase landing and handrailings.
4. Lots of landscaping, spreading gravel, and engineering rain water drainage.

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Cabi~ said...

Fabulous looking shop!